Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Something Stupid!

I've used this contraption for many years! It works great. You put your briquets in the top section. You crumple and stuff newspaper in the bottom section. Then you strike a match and light the newspaper. Soon you'll have hot glowing coals. Ready for the steak that's been marinating in the fridge all day. Yum-yum!

Unless you do something stupid! Like being lazy and putting the contraption on the top rack of your grill. And then pounding a loose board back into place while you wait for the coals to get hot. And, making the whole deck vibrate in the process!

I swear I didn't pound that hard! But darned if that contraption didn't bounce right off the grill and flip upside down on the deck, spilling hot coals everywhere! It happened so fast!

We haven't had rain in a coon's age. Temperatures have been in the high 90's. The deck was tinder-dry and it took mere seconds to start burning!

I dashed down the stairs, grabbed the garden hose, dragged it back up and doused the hot coals--only to turn around and notice one stray briquet burning away behind me! Yikes!
So I doused the entire deck! Several times!

And I learned my lesson! Put the contiraption on the lower rack INSIDE the grill. Hang the hose next to the grill BEFORE lighting the briquets! And for crying out loud--save the deck repairs for LATER!

I shudder to think what could have happened.

Thankfully it didn't!


Homestay Mama