Saturday, November 12, 2011

Natives Rival Transplants

Sometimes steady autumn rains turn our foliage into a soggy-brown mishmash, but this year our weather has been perfect and color abounds.  One might even suspect a coloring contest going on here:  Natives rival transplants!  (Natives--those trees indigenous to Washington.  Transplants--those showy specimens we buy from nurseries.) 

Of course our native Washington trees will never equal their colorful eastern cousins in states like Vermont, Massachusetts, New York or Pennsylvania, never-the-less, I've been impressed with our natives this year.  If you click on each photo below, the larger size might better portray what I'm trying to show.

There is a stretch of freeway that I take to work where native maples flank both sides of the road.  Their magnificent beauty this year has been a daily distraction making it hard to stay focused on my commute!  This photo doesn't begin to do them justice!  If I could have found a safe place to stop, I would have framed a better view.

This morning I took my simple point-and-shoot camera with me on my morning walk. Below is a view of the native trees in my neighborhood.  Those colorful trees at the end of the street are transplants.

Yes, I'll admit our yellow natives don't have quite the 'zing' of those red transplants, but this year I give them an 'A' for effort!

Even on this grey November day, splotches of native color brighten the shady woods near my home.

Here native maples drop their color over a tangle of ivy.

In this contest of color, a maple transplant grows beneath a trio of native birch. And yes, I will admit in this photo the transplant wins--hands down!

Yet, even though their color is more subdued, I still believe there is a subtle splendor in our native species that rivals the colorful transplants.

Appreciating our autumn this year....

Homestay Mama