Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hello...Anyone still out there?

I talked to my sister in Texas today.  She reminded me in her sweet way that she still checks my blog every once in awhile to see if the student with the red hoody has been replaced with a more current photo!

Alas!   (sigh)

I've neglected my blog for over a year and a half!

Mea Culpa!  (another sigh)

And, I even retired this year, so what's my problem?!  I should have more time, yah?

Ahhh...... (more sighs)

So I promised her--well, sorta gave her the indication--that I would try to get my act together and get this blog updated.  So much has happened.  Sooooo much!  And of course my sister, my past homestay students, (and you too, if you're still out there), would like to know and see photos of what's been going on, yah?

So watch this space.  Well, don't stare at it, because nothing will magically appear that quick!  But do come back soon, because I will try to catch you up to date with information and pics!

And that's a promise!


Homestay Mama