Saturday, July 4, 2009

What the...??

Who, what, where??
Oh, that's just Teddy Bear Scaredy Cat-- in the darkest, quietest place he can find!
(Downstairs in my office.)

He hates loud noises. They scare the 'spit' out of him.

Firecrackers are the worst.
Happens every 4th of July and New Year's Eve.

He's not a happy camper.
I'm sorry, Teddy Bear!

You can come out now.
It's midnight and all the noisemakers went home.


  1. Cats and the Fourth DON'T mix do they? We came home and kenneled Minky because it's her first 4th and we didn't want to risk her jumping the fence. She's easily freaked out. Our old cat has learned to stay in and hide.

  2. Loved the photos. I have an elderly golden who is terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms so I totally sympathize with Teddy Bear.

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