Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Won Cee's Giveaway!

Look what I won--Cee's very own creative, hand-crafted cover for all the lists I make and misplace. Now I can keep them in one handy little cover and carry it in my purse everywhere I go!
Hooray! I'll finally be an organized woman!

Look at the inside. Even the list has been embroidered--which is too beautiful to use, so I'll just tuck some plain paper behind it to write on--paper that I won't mind throwing away when it's filled up!

Cee is a very creative gal in Australia. You must go to her blog, Cee Lew, and see all the things she has made. You will also delight in her posts for she has a special way of writing that beckons her readers right into her enchanting world of singing, playing, exploring, learning, growing and gracious living with her husband and two young daughters. If I could turn back the clock and raise my own again, I'd do it like Cee!

I stumbled upon Cee's blog nearly a year ago. I think she made a comment on my blog. How she ever became interested in reading about my life, I'll never know, but I'm so glad our paths crossed. I have discovered that she, too, is a Christian, but there is nothing preachy about her. She just quietly, yet unashamedly lives out her faith. She's like a magnet, drawing you in because you feel so safe and welcome in her world. Oh, to be graciously tactful like Cee!

She's also into simple living and healthy eating. So am I. And, did I mention her photographs? Her close-ups are an art form in themselves! Go check out her current post. Then go back and peruse her past posts. I'll be surprised if you don't pull up a chair and stay awhile!


Homestay Mama


  1. Thankyou so for your kind words about me. The way you have seen me is the way I long to be seen - that is a precious gift!

    You know how I continued to be interested in reading about you? It is your continued care for and interest in me and my family.

    ...and I love your purple pen ;)

    Looking forward to meeting some of your readers.

  2. It is so much fun to win, isn't it? I rarely enter because I do not think I will win. Silly me, I know. Hope you enjoy. Be sure to show it to me when we get together. Will that be this month?