Thursday, June 10, 2010

Please Don't Forget Me!

I haven't been visiting my friends in Blogland lately--much to my dismay! And sadly, neither have I been posting anything in my own two blogs. Not that I don't want to. I really miss all of you! And, I have lots to tell you. But either I've slowed down considerably in my old age, or I've heaped way too much on my plate! Actually, it's probably a combination of the two. All I know is that there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. So, I've hired one of the girls in my neighborhood to come help me every Saturday for the next three months!

The slightly warmer weather plus the abundance of rain has precipitated prolific weed growth in my flower beds this Spring. It's also encouraged my lawn to grow from 'newly mowed' to 'past my ankles,' in less than 48 hours! OK, so I exaggerate a little, but not by much--as you can see in this photo.

Yes, it's been an unusually rainy Spring, but we hope some positive thoughts, a clean deck/lawn furniture and some potted flowers will attract some warmer, sunnier weather!

One of my neighbors has asked if he can rent half of my two-car garage. The extra income will come in handy, but clearing out half of the stuff in my garage is going to be the 'mother' of all challenges!

Where does all this stuff come from anyway? I just cleaned my garage a year ago, didn't I?

Anyhow, that's why I haven't visited your blogs lately, and why I probably won't be coming around for awhile longer! But, I promise I'll be back. So please don't forget me.


Homestay Mama


  1. I won't forget you, have no fear!
    I understand what it's like... really I do! I'm just happy to wake up every now and again and see a new post from you - because it makes my day. :)
    But remember the old saying : All work and no play makes for a dull Homestay Mama or Tatersmama!
    Now how do we go about DOING it? :}

  2. Never forgotten HS Mama!

    Life is a little similar here, but I did manage to write a post today.

    Sending love and hugs

  3. Life just gets in the way sometimes!

  4. I haven't forgotten you and I'm doing the exact same thing, blogwise. I just have to catch up with my life. I'm too behind and have so many other things going on. I mean, after all, it's not like anyone PAYS us to do this ya know! We can't get fired or anything so let's just take the break we need and they will be there, or NOT, when we get back. But one way or another, life will go on! Enjoy your GORGEOUS deck and that good helper! And what a GENIUS idea your neighbor had to ask to rent half your garage! That will be catching on!

  5. Wow! You changed your look, too, and Simon Legree has been here as well! Guess they are hi-jacking blogs all over. Maybe Josh Peterson created mine, too, and decided to pull them. Isn't template shopping the PITS?!

  6. Just dropped by to say hello. Hope you enjoy your break. I'm not posting much either. Too much going on in the real world.

  7. Well DARN it! I saw that you had a new post up (okay, from 3 days ago, but still...) and when I got here, it said that it didn't exist! So I tried agin.. and got the same thing the second time.
    But at least I know that you're alive and kickin'- and hopefully managing to post every now and again, even if you do remove it before I get a chnaace to read it! lol!

  8. You look so happy and content in the garden and it all looks so gorgeous - who wants to be indoors blogging when you have so much to do!! Don't worry we'll still be popping in!