Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cause for Celebration

May I brag a little?
My homestay students are very smart young men! They are the creme de la creme! They study long hours. They ace their exams. And, at the end of each quarter, they come home with top grades.

This is Toshi from Japan. He is a junior at our local University majoring in psychology. With a major like that, you can imagine his classes are pretty tough. On top of that he's studying in a class full of Americans and English is his second language. He burned a lot of midnight oil this past quarter, studying and writing 'umpteen' papers. Many nights on my way to bed, I noticed the light in his room still shining out from under his door. Today he got his grades for last quarter--straight A's in all his classes!

This is Abdul from Saudi. Three months ago he came to Seattle to learn English at the local University. When he first arrived, I used simple English words and he used his translator a lot. But he's been learning by leaps and bounds! We can now carry on a normal conversation and he no longer needs the translator. He has just graduated from ESL level one to ESL level two. I am truly amazed at his progress!

So bring on the ice cream! This is cause for celebration!

Congratulations, Abdul and Toshi, you are the best!


Your very proud Homestay Mama

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