Thursday, June 25, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I've just received an award from Cee over at Cee Lew.
Thank you, Cee, for your kind words about me. (Blushing here)
I discovered Cee's blog by reading her comments on other's blogs. What she wrote was simply stated, yet so eloquent and I wanted to find out more about her. In reading her posts, I have found her to be full of wisdom and creativity and to have many talents--at a young age! A rare gem wrapped up in a beautiful package!

Cee won my first giveaway. We sent many e-mails back and forth and I found that the way she is on her blog, is the way she is in real life. It made me wish I could go to Australia just so I could meet her in person!

Now here are the rules that go with my accepting this award and then passing it on to others:
1) Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award.
2) Share "ten honest things" about myself.
3) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4) Tell those 7 people that they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving it.

10 Honest Things About Me:
1. Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord of my life. I can't imagine--don't even want to imagine--what my life would be without Him!
2. In God's eyes, I'm a 'diamond in the rough' and He is still grinding, faceting, and polishing off all my rough edges. Unfortunately, He still has a long ways to go!
3. Hospitality is my "gift". Not so much the cooking part (which I'm not very good at), but more the part of welcoming people from all around the world into my home. I love getting to know them and I have many, many wonderful international friends. I also love trying their foods--which directly ties into #3...
3. I need to lose weight!
4. I'm a late night person by nature, and though I make new resolves to go to bed with the chickens and get up with the roosters, I start slipping back into my old ways and find myself finally going to bed just as everyone else is waking up! It's a constant inward battle with me!
5. I enjoy playing the piano, although I'm just an amateur having had only a smattering of lessons from different teachers here and there (about 2 years total) when I was between the ages of 9-19.
6. I love to read just about anything. I used to read books, but now I find myself reading blogs much more often (maybe too often!).
7. I love to go hiking in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. (The mountains and lakes are why I love living in Washington State). But unfortunately, I haven't been hiking as much lately and that is a problem I need to correct real soon!
8. When I was much younger and living in Hawaii, I owned my own sewing school and taught ladies and teens how to sew. I enjoy sewing but don't sew as much as I used to (same reason as in #6!)
9. I have many friends who are politically liberal, but I tend to be politically conservative.
10. I try to be a good steward of the earth. I recycle, re-use and try not to waste. I don't use pesticides, herbacides, or insecticides. Hence, my lawn is full of moss but the fruit on my cherry and plum trees and blueberry bushes are all organic.

And now, in no particular order are the 7 People I have Chosen because their blogs are brilliant in content and/or design, or because they have encouraged me:
1. Candarbry Garden by Karyn Rosebrook-Morris! (For her cleverness, creativity and interesting posts)
2. The Old Dairy by Mandy (For being an inspiration in the way she lives and writes )
3. Tatersmama's Take on Things by Tatersmama (For keeping me in stitches with her humor)
4. Red Pine Mountain by Mountain Woman (For her interesting, thoughtful posts)
5. Gizzards and Calf Fries by The Wife (For her design and outstanding photography)
6. Yes They Are All Mine by Gramma2Many (For her political rants from a heart that really cares about our country)
7. Bridget Beaver is in Japan by Bridget Beaver (For her interesting photos and posts about Japan)

Passing the award on to greater bloggers than I.


Homestay Mama


  1. Thankyou for accepting the award Homestay Mama and for your lovely words about me. I am blushing here as well. Hopefully you'll be able to come and meet me and my family one day although one other honest confession - I fear I am terrible at hospitality. Put me in front of people and I will lead them in worship but put me on the morning tea roster or hosting a block BBQ and I will freak out. I think we'd make a great team, do you?? :)

  2. I'm always searching for new blogs to read so thank you for telling us about Cee. Your list of 10 honest things was so wonderful, especially number one from which all other things flow.
    Thank you very much for passing this award on to me. I'm truly honored and I'm so glad to count you among my friends.

  3. WOW! Sue, it is all your bloggy lovin that keeps me going! Just kidding, I am a glory hound, THANK YOU! I would like to thank my mother and father who created this monster, my sisters who make me work hard... Oh wait, I will have to do this in my site... LOVE

  4. Wow!! Thank you so much!! Homestay mama you are the best :D Always thinking of me <3