Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Weekend in Oregon

I was born in Oregon, and that's where most all my family, including my ex-husband's family, still live. So it is always a treat when I can make the trip down to see them, like I did this past weekend.

First I attended a baby shower for my niece, Bridgette. Her husband is my nephew Josh who helped remodel my kitchen and bathrooms.

Josh's mom made this adorable cat bag that can hang on the wall next to the baby's changing table to keep all those small baby items right where the new mama can quickly find them. As the child gets older, the pockets can hold their shoes, toys or other treasures.

These women are on Bridgette's side of the family. Her Mom is on the far right.

We women are on Josh's side of the family. Josh's mom is on the far right. Actually, these are my ex-husband's sisters and nieces, but I also claim them as mine for we are as close, if not closer, than when I was still married. We share the comman bond of being 'sisters in the Lord,' and that makes all the difference in the world.

Next I visited my youngest sister, Ruth, and her daughter, Shayla, who are very talented artists.

My niece is 18 now, but when she was 14 she drew this pencil drawing of a tiger.

My sister paints with oils. Here is a painting she did five years ago.

Their talent comes from our grandmother on my Dad's side of the family who was a professional artist. This is one of Grandma's paintings that is nearly 100 years old. Unfortunately, I didn't inherit any of Grandma's talent.

One my way back home to Washington, I stopped in to see Aunt Clyo--the amazing woman I told you about in an earlier post. Actually, Aunt Clyo is my ex-husband's aunt, but I love her as though she were my own. She's 90, but doesn't look a day over 70! Click on the picture to make it larger. Notice her face. Her skin is as smooth and soft as a newborn's. And her mind is sharper than a tack! Her memory is better than mine! She never ceases to amaze me!

Thanking God for my wonderful family and my enjoyable weekend in Oregon.


Homestay Mama


  1. glad you had a good trip!

    the art work peices are beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful family!!! And oh-my-GOSH what talent!! The drawings and paintings are truly incredible. Wow. And you write LOVELY things about your family. And do not compare yourself to me. I will lose!! Your heart shines through all you do, friend.

  3. What a wonderful Family time you had...such a blessing to all be still so close even though you live away...

  4. It sounds like your love tank was filled up this weekend. Our artistic talent skipped me, but Darian got a double dose! Thank you for all your encouragement. LOVE

  5. I'm so glad that you had a great weekend!

    Yes Pumpkin Center is a real town in Tangipahoa Parish is Louisiana. When driving back home, I couldn't wait to snap a photo of the sign along I-12!!!