Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Come See Me, Gramma Sue!

Nothing can top being a grandma!

My first granddaughter is a gift from God. You can read my first post about her here.

Malak is a happy little 2 1/2 year-old who bubbles with energy and laughter. Today she called me all the way from her home in Saudi Arabia. I was on my lunch hour; she was ready for bed. I asked her how she was in English--she told me all about her day in Arabic. I don't know Arabic. But, the excitement and enthusiasm in her voice made my day--especially when she sang the ABC song that I had taught her back in October.

Before she hung up, [with her mommy's help], she said in English,  "Come see me, Gramma Sue."

"I'm coming, my darling. Only eight more months and Gramma Sue will come see you in Saudi."


Gramma Sue

 [aka, Homestay Mama]

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  1. When did they return to Saudi? Permanently?
    That is a long trip, how long? I am almost without words!!