Friday, May 6, 2011

Mount Vernon Tulips

For my birthday this year (in April) we went to the tulip festival in Mount Vernon.  I love tulips!

There are always acres and acres of tulips in a rainbow of colors.  The tulips draw people from around the world. 

Toshi and the crowds of people in the background.

I love this color combination.

Tae and Toshi out in the fields.

 Red tulips are my favorite.  I especially like this photo.

More colors with the Mount Vernon hills in the background.

Tulips with an unusual shape.

Patriotic tulips and grape hyacinths.

 Love this colorful tulip bed--just look at that shimmering florescence. 

I'm awestruck with the huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes. 

Toshi and Tae by the windmill.
Our trip to the tulip festival was part of my birthday present.  Tae and Toshi also bought a cake from the Korean Bakery near my home.  Their cakes are just the way I like them--not overly sweet--
and they are so pretty.  
 Toshi bought my birthday card and made sure all my homestay students signed it.  
I had no clue he was doing this.  What a wonderful surprise!

Just look at their sweet messages! They make this mama's heart sing!

It was a most wonderful birthday!
But that's not all!  For the rest of my birthday present, Tae organized a kitchen clean-up.  He emptied the trash and cleaned the kitchen with a little help from Toshi.  What a thoughtful young man!

I think I'm one very lucky (and a little spoiled?) homestay mama!


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