Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today I had a wonderful visit with Gramma2Many.

I've known Gramma2Many for a dozen years or more. We met back in the late 90's when one of my former homestay students started dating her youngest daughter.

Gramma2Many and I have a lot in common--our Christian faith, our political bent, and our love of interior decorating. But there are differences as well--I have a son, but she has a son and 5 lovely daughters. I have no grandchildren, but she has 19 beautiful (and smart!) grandsons and grandaughters! My marriage ended years ago but she is still married to her high school sweetheart! Yup! My hat's off to Gramma2Many. She is one classy lady and a very dear friend!

We used to see each other every Sunday when I started playing the piano for the little country church that she and her family attended. But after ten years of being pianist for that church, I gave up the long, 70 mile round trip and started attending a church closer to my home. So now Gramma2Many and I mostly keep in touch through our blogs and Facebook.

By the way, it's because of Gramma2Many's inspiring blog that I decided to take the plunge into Blogland myself! I'm glad I did for I have met some very talented, humorously funny and wonderfully supportive friends here in Blogland--including her youngerst daughter who ended up marrying my former homestay student. You can read about their life here. You can also read Gramma2Many's blogs here and here!

I had a wonderful visit today. Thank you, Gramma2Many!


Homestay Mama


  1. Thank You Sue!! Lunch and the Afternoon was the best. We all are guilty of getting to involved in our own lives and not seeing those we care for often enough. Next time in your neighborhood.

  2. What a couple of great looking ladies - and smart, too!!

    Glad you guys had a good time...

  3. Wow! How nice to meet her and what a lovely post! So glad you got to hang out and catch up in person. And I'm VERY glad she encouraged you to come "out here!"

  4. How much fun it was to read about your visit. She sounds like an incredible lady (as are you) and I'm off to visit her blog now.
    I'm glad she encouraged you to blog.