Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It's been more than a year since Ki-Bum (South Korea) left to attend Berklee School Of Music in Boston. You may remember reading about our guitar virtuoso in this post. Well, on his way home to Korea for the Christmas break this year, he took a two-day layover in Seattle and we had a wonderful mini-reunion this weekend!

So, who was the first person Ki-Bum asked about?

Why Teddy Bear, of course!
Teddy Bear loved hanging out with Ki-Bum and before that with his brother Hyun Wook. Teddy Bear thought he belonged to THEM!

"Do you remember me, Teddy Bear?"

"I really missed you!"

Ki-Bum, his friend Seok-Jin and I went to the local Thai food restaurant for dinner. I love Thai food--especially red curry with chicken, bamboo shoots and coconut milk.

Then we came home and had Sweet Potato Cake that Ki-Bum bought at the local Korean Bakery. I love their cakes because they are not sickeningly sweet like American desserts!

Lim, another friend of Ki-Bum's, joined us later in the evening.
We had a wonderful visit!

It warms a mother's heart when her kids come home for a visit. Seeing Ki-Bum was as good as opening a gift under the Christmas tree!

Homestay Mama


  1. Hi~ Sue~^-^
    This is Seokjin.
    Thank you for inviting us.
    I was really glad to meet you again.
    I hope to see you again next year.*^-^*
    Merry Christmas~

  2. Seokjin,
    I'm really glad you came.
    Yes, I will see you again next year--which is only 8 days from now! :-) As soon as my students come back from Christmas break, I'll invite you and Lim over for some food, fun and games.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!