Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meeting Lacie

You may remember this photo of my nephew and his wife, Josh and Bridget and my friends, Cheri' and Ron. Josh and Ron remodeled my kitchen several years ago and I wrote about it in this post.

You may also remember this post about Bridget's baby shower.

Well, this week they came back to visit me and I finally got to meet my new little grand-niece, Lacie, who is now nearly seven months old!

Lacie is a real sweetie. She's got a genuine sparkle in her eyes and the cutest of grins! She laughs a lot and cries only a little when she's hungry. What a good baby she is! I think it helps that Bridget is a stay-at-home Mom and that Josh spends a lot of time with Lacie, too.

Josh also did a few handyman jobs around the house for me while they were here this week, and for that I am most grateful!

We had a wonderful visit!



Homestay Mama


  1. Argue it they will, but yes, stay at home mom and attentive dad make a very well rounded child. BUT they want us to believe that those precious little children belong in government run daycare, preschool, kindergarten (did you see the parents trying to "win" a spot for all day kindergarten?)then public "school". Anyways, Lucky Baby! We should encourage all young mothers to stay home with thier babies! Sounds like you had a very nice visit!

  2. What a precious smile. Babies bring such a lot of joy don't they. And you know I'll agree that being a stay-at-home brings so much wonder into each of our lives.

    Sending you warm greetings from South Oz.
    Cee :)

  3. Those adorable cheeks... just want to reach out and squeeze them!

  4. your grand-niece has the most adorable smile :D