Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finally Finished!

Back in August to December 2006, I remodeled my kitchen. But I ran out of money before I could buy new appliances. Now 2 1/2 years later, I finally had enough money to purchase new appliances, so I guess you could say the kitchen remodel is finally finished!

I thought you might like to see some before and after pictures.
Here are the old bisque appliances. Notice the refrigerator is on the left, the stove is straight ahead. The floor is vinyl.

Here is the same view in the 'new' kitchen.  I had them switch the refrigerator and stove which opened up the kitchen making it feel much larger.  And I had hardwood floors (installed by my friend, Gramma2Many's son) which look way nicer than vinyl and are so easy to keep clean.  

Here is the 'before' view of the kitchen taken from the hallway.

Here is the 'after' picture taken from the same hallway.

Here is the sitting corner in the 'before' kitchen.

Now there is a hutch in that corner.

Here is the eating area in the 'before' kitchen.

Now we eat at the bar and the sitting area replaces the former eating area.  You'll note the old bisque refrigerator on the left. The new refrigerator is for me and the 3 students I cook for.  I love my new french door refrigerator.  It holds a lot.  But I also have another renter who cooks for himself, so the old bisque refrigerator now holds his food.

This picture is for Tatersmama.  Back at the beginning of March she posted pictures of her refrigerator and challenged the rest of us to do the same.   OK, Katie, I'm finally accepting your challenge!    

And last, but certainly not least, are the two men who did the work on my new kitchen back in 2006.  From left to right are my nephew, Josh and his wife, Bridget, and my friends Cheri and her husband, Ron who I've known for 25+ years.  I invited them all to dinner last weekend to celebrate the new appliances and also to celebrate Josh and Bridgette's first wedding anniversay.  (Pssst, Bridgette and Josh are expecting their first child this August!)  I think these two men did an outstanding job on my kitchen and now that the new appliances are finally in, I am really enjoying my new kitchen!


  1. I absolutely LOVE what you've done - and I love seeing the before and after pictures!
    I would kill for that sized fridge... but I think I would need to have the space first! Maybe by switching things around? I do have the "renovator" coming around this week, so keep your fingers crossed!
    But as far as the fridge challenge goes? All I can say is *cheater cheater*! ;-)
    No fair starting with a new fridge! lol!

    Now to try and catch up on your past posts - if blogger will let me!

  2. Beautiful. I have the same kind of refridgerator. Would never have anything different.

  3. Wow, very nice!

    I LOVE the appliances.....they do finish it off.

  4. Everythng looks awesome! Congrats on the home make-over. =)

  5. HM!! The whole family is standing around ooooohhing and aaaaahhhhing over all the beautiful work! It looks AMAZING! What a change. You have LOVELY taste and everything turned out so perfectly. I LOVE before and after pictures. It all reflects YOU!

  6. Hey homestay-- Wanted to stop by and say God Bless... hope the "stressful" weekend proves to be nothing but blessings. Remember what Joyce Meyers said. =)

  7. What a difference a makeover makes!
    Very inspiring. :)
    We're looking to renovate our kitchen, but it still may be a few years away before we've enough saved. Still ... you've inspired us to continue playing with some more ideas. I think I'll have to get the camera out now for the 'before' photos.
    Thank you sharing.

  8. I really love seeing before and after photos. These photos made me realize that remodeling a kitchen really needs a creative mind. Anyway, I love your new French door refrigerator; its sleek design complements your kitchen décor. And also this type of fridge has a kid-friendly height that makes it easy for the kids to grab their favorite snacks. Isn’t that nice? :)

    Brooke Harris