Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Guitar Virtuoso

We miss Ki-Bum. And, we miss his music--a lot!

You know how listening to your kid practicing the piano can start grating on your nerves after awhile? But you don't say anything, because you know that practice makes perfect? Well, we NEVER felt that way about Ki-Bum's guitar practicing! Ever! There was just something about his music that was relaxing and enjoyable. Always. Even when we'd heard the same song over and over again. I think it's because he's a virtuoso. One of the best. And, I really do mean that!

Ki-Bum was a student at a local college here (studying English) for one year, and then he applied and was accepted into the well-known, tough-to-get-into, Berklee College of Music in Boston! They sent a team all the way to Seattle to interview him and listen to him perform before he was even considered as a candidate for admission. I feel as proud of him as though he were my own flesh and blood son! So you can imagine his Korean parents are that proud of him too, and more!

After he finishes his degree, Ki-Bum plans to go back to South Korea and teach music and guitar in a college in Seoul. I have no doubts he'll be successful! He's a virtuoso, after all.

Missing the music, missing the man,
Homestay Mama
This video was taken in August, 2008, when Ki-Bum gave us our own personal concert before leaving for Berklee. Even the neighbors came out and stood on their decks to listen.


  1. My daughter-in-law, Kyeng-Hee, is from just outside of Seoul. She is a wonderful cook. She has now moved to New York State. Boy do I ever miss her cooking.

  2. Great tribute to another of your "sons". I know they appreciate your love and care while they are here.

  3. Whoa! Ki-Bum is AMAZING!! I love that song!! :) I also really like reading your story of how you came to be a host mom, it has been keeping me in suspense here!!
    sorry I didn't get to respond to your comment last week, but it's true - there isn't a whole lot of green space in the densely populated city/suburb areas. Japan has a lot of mountains and area which is sparsely populated and so gorgeous because they've been relatively unscathed by postwar re-building but the low-lying floodplains are where everyone lives (like Tokyo and Osaka) are like concrete jungles. Lots of ugly buildings and telephone wires! The west coast is really beautiful though, lots of big rocks and cliffs, kind of like the pacific Northwest, or at least from the photos I've seen!

  4. Wow... that is incredible. Yeah - alot different than kids playing that dont know anything but one chord...thats beautiful! Success has to be in his fuure!