Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Terrific Trio

I am a homestay mama to 38 international ‘sons’ and 1 ‘daughter’ who are now living all around the world. In the future I will feature many of my former ‘kids,’ but today I want to introduce you to my current trio of terrific homestay students.

The eldest of the current trio is Toshi from Japan, age 19. Toshi is attending a local community college and is majoring in architecture. I am a fairly tall woman, so I normally look no higher than eyeball to eyeball with my Asian students. However, with Toshi, I have to look up—way up! I believe he is the tallest of all my Japanese students. So, you will understand then when I tell you that Toshi loves basketball and was a star player on his high school team. What I like about Toshi are his many admirable qualities—he is smart, considerate, helpful and lots of fun. I really like his chuckle—it is both endearing and contagious!

The next oldest is Taewoong from South Korea, age 17. Taewoong is attending a local private high school and after graduating, he plans to return and pursue a college degree with a major in Economics and a minor in Philosophy. Taewoong is a fast learner with excellent English skills. He is also tall—about an inch taller than Toshi, so that makes two students that I have to look up to! But unlike Toshi, Taewoong prefers hiking over basketball. What I like about Taewoong is his love of conversation, and eating healthy foods including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Ah, a ‘son’ after my own heart, for I am also passionate about hiking and healthy food!

The youngest is Ezra from Indonesia, who just turned 17 the day President Obama was sworn into office. Ezra is an American citizen having been born when his parents were here attending graduate school. Ezra is also fluent in English and is in the running start program at a local community college which means he is finishing high school and taking college courses at the same time. His major is economics and business. Ezra is a champion tennis player and just won first place in a local tournament. What I like about Ezra is his level of maturity at such a young age. He is very capable, disciplined and organized—a very good testament to the way his parents raised him.

When my ‘kids’ don’t have homework to do, we play games. I like to think it helps them with their English, but if truth be told, it’s really just keeping this old brain of mine from turning into mush!

Happily ‘mothering’ my terrific trio,


Homestay Mama

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  1. These kids are sooooooo young to be so far away from home. It's great that they can have a "mom" to take care of them!