Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Love Your Blog Award!

It's been more than a month, and I'm ashamed of myself for taking so long to follow up on an award that my dear bloggy friend, Robynn, at Robynn's Ravings gave to me. She said such sweet things about me that I blushed like a school girl! She called me wise and caring and added a bunch of other thoughtful compliments. She also said, "I want a mama like her only she's too young to be my mama." (If only I really were 'too young!' But, alas, my son turned 40 this year and I was no child bride!)

I hate to spoil Robynn's image of me, but you've got to know the ugly truth! I am no angel! My blog is not witty, or clever or even *noteworthy like hers, but, thank you Robynn for thinking otherwise and for giving me this wonderful award. *Noteworthy as in having The Pioneer Woman read and make a comment on her post!

And, now I'm passing this award on to other blogs that are much more deserving:

1. To Tatersmama at Tatersmama's Take on Things. This lady keeps me bursting with health from her daily posts that evoke deep belly laughter, the best medicine in the whole world! It takes real talent to write about simple topics and turn them into a ROFL post! But, Tatersmama does it all the time! I'm glad I got in on the ground floor--so to speak--before she becomes famous. Because I've come to know how sweet, helpful, kind and encouraging she really is! Once she has the huge following that is bound to come, she'll have no time left to read and leave her witty comments on other people's posts.

2. To Christine at Smiles And Trials who truly inspires me with her posts about her life with 11 children--soon to be 12. Some of their children were born right in their home, while others (some with special needs) have come from as far away as Russia and Ukraine, and have joined them through the miracle of adoption. My hat is off to Christine for sharing her family's smiles and trials with the rest of us! Reading her past posts have brought both laughter and tears to my eyes and I'm in awe of this remarkable family.

3. To Mandy at The Old Dairy for her gardening and sewing skills and her pictures that have inspired me to try gardening again. I actually bought vegetable seeds the other day and am waiting for the weather to warm up! She also inspires me with her ability to get so much done in a day plus take care of seven children, a handful of international exchange students and a husband who is battling cancer. And, still squeeze in time to write interesting posts with neat pictures. How does she do it?!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day,


Homestay Mama


  1. Oh my... now you have ME blushing!
    Thank you SO much for the award, darlin'!!!!
    I still have an award from Libby to catch up on, so maybe I'll do a dual post tommorrow. :-)

    *Big Hugs!!!*

  2. Geesh - two more blogs that I'm gonna have to check out.

    Katie Tatie blushing...yeah right!

    And you do deserve this award - I just wish that I had given it to you myself!

  3. Yay you POSTED it!! Good for you. And just for the record, I would STILL love to have a mama like you but I'M TOO OLD for you to be my mama.

    I come here because you are you and your warmth, depth, and humility touch my heart. Don't you dare change a thing.

    And I ain't all that dear. I'm just swimming along in this HUGE blogworld sea like everybody else. And my inner tube is leaky so you never know when I'll sleep with the fishes! Everybody could quit showin' up over there tomorrow when I say somethin' stupid(er)!


  4. Thank you what a nice surprise......You make me sound nice to so thanks for that, might show the children the kind words you said about me, they tink I'm a grumpy old
    Thanks again