Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just a Spring Teaser

Today our weather is back to normal--unable to decide whether to rain, hail or snow--so it did all three. At the same time. (Click on the photo for greater clarity.)

Remember how my crocuses lifted their little faces to the sun yesterday, soaking up the warmth of its rays?

Well, here are the poor little dears today--just a mere 24 hours later--pulling in their little petals and shivering all the way down to their little round bottoms--um, bulbs.

But fickle weather is to be expected during the last hurrahs of winter here in Western Washington. That's because we live in the convergence zone. The cold fronts coming down from Alaska/Canada and the warm winds coming up from California tend to get into a 'tug-o-war' right over Oregon and Washington during the month of March. It's hard to predict the outcome, and it's not uncomman to have snow, wind, chill, fog or just rain. Or rain with hail and thunderstorms. Or rain with sunbreaks. Or one whole day of sunshine like yesterday. Really? Nah! Yesterday was just a spring teaser!

And that's our weather report for today.


Homestay Mama!

P.S. Don't forget daylight savings time starts tonight-so if your area makes the switch, don't forget to set your clocks one hour forward before you go to bed.


  1. Love the changing weather (at least from down here!). And thanks for the reminder about the clocks. I'm out of it so I completely forgot. So glad to SEE you!

  2. I usually don't like cold weather, but would love a little right now. My brace is hot, and my leg itches!
    Will the crocus "come back"?

  3. The crocus do look pretty poking there heads through the snow. Such a pretty flower. I am enjoying your blog and thought that I should take the time to say hello to you.
    The first photo of the snow falling is beatuiful, I am looking forward to the cooler months here.

  4. Wow, the clarity on the raining, sleeting, snowing pic... and those poor crocuses... nothing like they were in the shot before.