Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Milestone

Yesterday when I was planning this post, I thought I'd title it 'Medicare.' And, then to match the negative funk I was in, I thought I'd throw in a collection of "you know you're old when..." jokes.

But this morning when I opened my Bible to read the next chapter, I sensed God chiding me for thinking so negatively about my age. If Abraham could become a father at age 100, then I certainly wasn't too old to be a homestay mama at 65!

God also reminded me that I should be thankful for everthing I have--my health, my home, an enjoyable part time job, a steady income, wonderful family, faithful friends and of course, terrific homestay students! So, why was I moaning about my age, my imperfections and other negative things?
God was right, of course!

When I opened my mail this afternoon, I was greeted with birthday cards from friends, near and far. And, when I opened Facebook this evening, birthday wishes came tumbling out from all around the world! THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!

Tonight after dinner, my students and my neighbor surprised me with a birthday celebration. They had picked out chocolate mousse cake (to die for!) and rocky road ice cream (my favorite!)
Note that 6 candles around the edge and a shorter (1/2) candle in the middle equals 65!
So here's a big THANK YOU to my family, all my friends, my neighbor and my homestay students--Toshi, Ezra, and Tae Woong--for making my 65th a most memorable birthday!

And, to God, THANK YOU for loving me and blessing me with another wonderful year!

Getting older, but wiser, and (I hope) learning to age more gracefully...


Homestay Mama


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    (I love your shelves w/ your fan collection!! so cool!!)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are fabulous inside and out! So glad those who love you the most saw fit to honor you in such a fun way. You are loved by many, including those of us in your blogosphere!

  3. So sorry I missed your B-day:{ Please forgive me. Have been so busy with my mother that I have not been able to think of much else. BTW Amanda was 19 yesterday. 19 years ago I officially became a gramma. A milestone for me too, I guess.
    Love you and am so happy you had such a special day.

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you were blessed by your family.

    You don't look 65!!!!

  5. Lordy, How dumb AM I ? I looked at this and thought the video was just another picture!
    And you think YOU are getting old?
    I think I need new glasses! lol!

    I've said it before... and I'll say it again.
    You do NOT look your age!
    And oh my... You have such a beautiful home!