Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break

My homestay students have been on spring break this past week. Toshi headed south to California; Ezra headed East to Lake Chelan. Tae Woong stayed home and studied for his PSAT test that he has to take next month.

It's been grey skies, drizzling rain and shivering cold all week. But today it seemed as if some magical fairy dust had been sprinkled over everything during the night because, we awoke to a beautiful, sunny, cloudless sky.

A day like this is not to be wasted, so Tae Woong and I set out to do some exploring. We headed north on I-5 and then exited off to Chuckanut Drive--a road built in the late 1800's--that winds along the forested hills next to the Puget Sound.

Tae Woong at one of the lookouts along Chuckanut Drive.

Our destination was Fairhaven--a quaint but thriving town near Bellingham, Washington.

There were many sailboats out in Bellingham Bay...

...and people in Marine Park.

The afternoon sun danced in silver sparkles on the water.

We ate our picnic lunch at the park.

Then we took our time heading back home. We stopped at RoozenGaarde in Mt. Vernon, Washington. They are famous for their tulips and daffodils. Today the daffodils were in bloom. The tulips will be blooming in another week.

The RoozenGaarde windmill.

There is nothing more beautiful than acres of gold shimmering in the sun.

They have many varieties of daffodils. I think this one is my favorite.

But I like this one, too.

Enjoying our break from the rain, the warmth of the sun and God's beautiful handiwork,


Homestay Mama


  1. How cute that he wore a tie for your driving, exploring, and picnic day! So formal and polite.

    Hey, Bellingham is where we do family camp every few years, at the Pines Resort. Just love it. And Chuckanut sounds familiar because of the funny name. :) Nice tour!

  2. Fairhaven also has a great yarn shop. At least it did a couple of years ago. Great pictures. I think the rains are returning tonight.

  3. What a gorgeous day... and what a wonderful way to spend it! Everything looks so green and pretty and fresh and it must have been a lovely outting for you both. ;-)

    Oh... And I love that Tae Woong looked like such a gentleman wearing his tie!