Monday, May 18, 2009

Awards Night

Tonight, Tae Woong, my homestay student from Korea, was one of six students (two from each grade level) to win a "History Scholar Award."   King's High is a private school--and a tough one at that!  They demand excellence from their students.  Tae Woong has maintained an A- all year long in World History, which is amazing when you realize that English is his 'second' language, and this is only his second year of studying in the USA.  It just goes to show how smart he really is!  
Tae Woong with his World History teacher, Mr. Fretz.   

In the following video, Mrs. Stubbs, another history teacher at King's, is announcing the winners of the History Scholar Awards.  
About Tae Woong, (at school they call him "William") she said this:

"William loves, lives and talks history!"

(I'm sorry this video isn't better, but I include it so Tae Woong's parents can see a little bit of the ceremony.

A desert social followed the ceremony.  Here Tae Woong talks with his choir teacher, Mr. Pumphrey.

For the social, the students in the culinary arts class made these sinfully rich desserts.  (Unfortunately I sampled too many of these tempting delicacies and it will likely be Thanksgiving before I come down from my 'sugar high.')

Congratulations on your award tonight, Tae Woong. Your Homestay Mama is proud of you, and I'm sure your parent's are too!


  1. Be nice to see a few more American kids with that sort of drive. I know many of them are as smart, they just do not have the dicipline to do it. It is a very sad commentery on our times. Congratulations Tae Woong, great job.

  2. congratulations Tae Woong......You sound like a very interesting and smart young man..