Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Friendly Challenge

Homestay Mama loves a friendly challenge!  So at the dinner table when Tae Woong asked if I'd ever arm wrestled, I remembered wrestling with Ali about 15 years ago.  Could I still do it? The proof is in these videos.

Ezra and Tae Woong were equally strong!

Tae Woong was kind--at first. Then...

No contest with Ezra!

Oh the pain of defeat!

Gotta start lifting weights immediately!


Homestay Mama


  1. Well - you put a big smile on Ezra's face!

  2. They kicked your butt girl! (But can you imagine how you would have felt if you'd beat him? Because HE would have felt so bad! lol)

  3. You know how important "face" is to an Asian. Glad you allowed him to save it!!
    Now on to those weights.

  4. You're not fooling me, girl! I know you could have won, but you just did the "mama" thing, didn't you!

    Like we go around saying that we LIKE burned toast and chicken butts - so our kids get the best... it's what Mama's DO, isn't it!

    We won't tell your boys, though. ;-)

  5. Yah, everyone I did the "mama" thing, let my kids save face and let my butt get kicked. It was the least I could do! (That sure sounds better than admitting I have buffalo wings!) LOL
    However, I REALLY DO eat the burned stuff so my kids get the best. Tatersmama's right--it's just what moms do!

  6. HI Friend!!!!! So glad to "see" you and I've missed you. I know you are one BUSSSYYYYY woman but it's not the same without you!!

    I'm drawin' a blank with Imetra, too. Maybe that would be the name of the Blog Muse in charge of introductions. I met you and you met me through "IMETRA!" QUEEN of the Blog World! (Well, we know it was actually someone MUCH more important than THAT! lol)

  7. Thank you, my dear sister, I am so tired. Your encouragement was much appreciated.