Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where Can I Go to Clone Myself?

If there were two of me, one of me could be blogging while the other me could be working. 

Wait! That's not enough! I need four of me! 

One of me to clean the house, cook all the meals and do the laundry;

One of me to wash my car, take it to be serviced, keep all the yard work done and take care of my cats;

One of me to work at my part time job plus take care of my personal banking, bill-paying and shopping;

And, finally one of me to stay in touch with my homestay students (past and current), to correspond with all my friends in Blogland, in Facebook and in e-mails and, to spend time visiting my face-to-face friends.

Wait! That's still not enough! 

I need another me to practice the piano, volunteer at my church and attend Sunday services. 

And another me to help my homestay students with their English assignments! 

And another me to go for my doctor, dental and eye exams and to exercise and stay healthy,

And another me to...



  1. If I knew that answer to this, I would have written a book, and sold it to throngs of people. My best advice is the 10 most important things to do today, strategy.
    Oooooh - you've just given me a post idea - THANKS!

  2. When you figure it all out, you will be rich and not have to do it all alone, so you will only need one of you:)

  3. Take it easy Mama. That is an awful lot for 'all of you' to do.

    Enjoy each day, each little thing that God has given you to do.

    And don't be afraid to say no.

    You are certainly a lovely devoted woman and I have appreciated all the effort you put in to keep in touch with me and mine. Yet I will understand if you need to look after yourself.

    Sending our love
    Cee and mine

  4. Isn't it amazing what we can get accomplished when we just set our minds to something? But oh... what a toll it takes, sometimes.. doesn't it?

    But in that big long list, where was the *me* time? "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" and you need time to just rest and unwind, you know.
    I've started truly honoring the Sabbath again...using it as a day of worship and rest, and it makes a huge difference in my life!

    Remember to take care of yourself too, my friend!!

  5. I always ask for a wife for Christmas - guess it's the same thing. I don't think I would want more me-s. I'm a PAIN! I LOVE your descending letters. What a cute idea! :)