Saturday, January 10, 2009

Halfway to the Goal

Yesterday I made a promise that I was going to clean the garage. I was pretty sure you didn't believe me, so that's why I took these pictures today. Obviously I'm not totally finished, but I'm halfway to my goal.

Anyhow, the top picture is my garage before the clean-up. Below is how it looks today.

Quite an improvement, don't you agree?

You can actually see the storage cupboard now!

I can't believe how many loads we took to the transfer station, the recycle yard, the hazardous waste station and Goodwill! I feel so much lighter now. The rest will be a 'piece of cake.'

I know you're wondering how a retired lady like me could possibly pull off an amazing feat like this! Well, with shear guts and determination, I--

Oh, alright, I'll fess up! I had help. Well, actually my nephew from Oregon did all the work, and I was his help!

He's the same nephew who repaired-remodeled the downstairs bathroom right before Christmas. He can do anything he sets his mind to!

Oh, by the way, my nephew was a little disappointed that I didn't get rid of everything in the garage. I feel his pain. I, too, would like the garage to be clean and bare. So I'll have a garage sale as soon as the weather improves.

He's a pretty special nephew--and he gave permission for me to post this picture for you. His name is Josh and his wife is Bridgette. Aren't they a cute couple?

Last night Bridgette cooked dinner for all of us (including my current homestay students). Have you ever had spaghetti squash? When it's cooked, it separates into strings--kinda like noodles. You put spaghetti sauce over the squash instead of noodles. We ate it with vegetables and garlic bread. Mmmm was it delicious!

Thank you, Josh and Bridgette. You both are a real blessing!

Feeling so much better now.


Homestay Mama

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  1. Great job Josh, now I have a garage that needs some TLC, and Bridgette, you can cook dinner for me any time. Except not spaghetti squash. Do not like it.