Saturday, January 3, 2009

When Best Laid Plans Go Awry

The glass company was scheduled to install the shower doors Friday morning. The carpet cleaners were scheduled to clean the carpets Friday afternoon. I was scheduled to be ready for a new homestay student by Saturday. But sometimes one's best laid plans go awry!

What happened? The glass company goofed! The center track was measured accurately (you can see it taped in place in the picture below). But they really screwed up on the side tracks. One side was too short, the other side was too long! This was a custom order, so we couldn't just run to Home Depot for more tracks. The glass company had to resubmit the custom order and they warned me that it could take up to two weeks for new tracks to arrive.

In the meantime, we had to store the glass doors and remaining hardware in the only empty space that was available and safe--in the bedroom for the new student.

This is Athena checking out the new shower doors! She has always been a curious cat!
The only route to the downstairs bathroom is through the downstairs carpeted hallway. It would be stupid to clean the downstairs carpets now (including the new student bedroom) and then have the glass installers get them all dirty again when they come back to finish the job.

So here we sit, in limbo.....
.....not exactly the way I wanted the new year to start!

Tellin' it like it is,
Homestay Mama

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