Friday, January 9, 2009

Who Has a Messy Garage?

Does your garage look like this?

I’d never let my garage look like this! Nope. Never. Not me!

Wait, How'd this picture get in here! Who took this picture? Who's garage is this?

It can't be mine! I'd never let my garage look like this!
Oh, alright. I confess. This IS my garage. It’s such a disgrace. I’m so ashamed.

They say confession is good for the soul. They’re right. Now that I've got that off my chest, I feel a whole lot better.

And this is my garage, too. There’s a door in there somewhere, I think.

What a mess. It’s driving me crazy. I’m gonna clean it! Promise!

Oh, I think I said that yesterday. I think I’ve said that a lot lately.

My homestay students have heard me say that every day for a long time—like for the whole time they lived here! I'm speaking the truth here. (Mohammed, Hyun-Wook, Kazu, and Ki-Bum will vouch for me. Becky too!)

But this year is different. This garage needs ‘change.’ It needs to 'head in a new direction.' Out with the old; in with the new. Don’t give up on me. I WILL clean it. 'Keep hope alive!'

You’re not buying any of this, are you?!

Can’t say that I blame you.


Homestay Mama

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