Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kimono, Size Large

I'm sorry I haven’t posted for awhile. I’ve been on a roll. A cleaning roll! In addition to cleaning the garage, I’ve been cleaning my house, my bedroom, my office, my laundry, my closets--there’s never an end to the cleaning that needs to be done around my place. Not that I’ve been such a slob. Au contraire. 2008 was just NOT a normal year for me! There was way too much going on in my life last year!

April—lost my job
May—broke my wrist
June—wrist in cast—not allowed to use it
July—had to have surgery on wrist
August—physical therapy on wrist
September—back in school again
October—Still in school
November—Finished Autumn Quarter at school—had guests for Turkey Dinner.
December—Remodeled the downstairs bathroom.
January '09—Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and finally getting my life back on track! Hooray!

The pleasure of cleaning out closets and little-used drawers is finding things I’d forgotten about! Like these pictures from 2004. This is Yoshi, one of my former homestay students from Japan. (This photo was taken before my major kitchen remodel.)

Yoshi's parents came to visit in the Fall of 2004, and brought a Japanese kimono--the largest size they could find--for me.
There are many parts to a kimono.

The thongs (also size large) were about two sizes too small for my size 10 feet!

As long as I didn’t move, the kimono stayed shut. It was fun trying to look like a sweet, petite, Japanese woman for one evening!

I miss you, Yoshi! Come back and see me again!

Taking a break from the cleaning.


Homestay Mama


  1. Love the kimono, but remember there is a reason they take small steps, not giant American steps. (Keeps the kimono shut while walking.)

  2. Yeah, I often feel like a clutsy American 'giant' in the presence of Japanese women. But there's a positive side to it--I don't have trouble reaching the top shelf.